Super Meat Boy Review

Can be extremely frustrating if you’re stuck on a level, some slightly uneccesary foes.

Since I have recently taken more of an interest in indie games, I decided to buy a few. I had already purchased Minecraft and wanted a different kind of experience, so I started off by playing a game name Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy is a side-scrolling action-adventure game made in 8bit style with awesome and exhilarating music and great characters.

You play as a little square of meat named Super Meat Boy. He is very much in love with another character, name Bandage Girl, and they are happy together, however, there is a third character named Mr. Fetus and, unlike the other two characters, no-one loves Mr. Fetus. In an act of anger Mr. Fetus kidnaps Bandage Girl and so Super Meat Boy must save her. You play through many different areas with different levels and adventures.

The level design is very good, and the settings are interesting. Both the levels and designs were based on drawings the creator of the game did when he was a child, and so they are unbelievably imaginative and there are always elements of interest and surprise. They are essentially brain puzzles, always fun if you wake up early and need something to do, or even If it’s the evening and you’re not able to go asleep, some element of the game will be able to satisfy you no matter what predicament you’re in.

However, as always in a puzzle game, there is a huge amount of stress, anger and frustration involved, which is not helped by the many little bugs in the game which make some levels seemingly impossible. There are many other things that also annoy me about the game, such as that in a long and difficult level there is no half-way save point, etc. The game, though, is very well made for an indie game, and I can see why it has been such a huge success.

When you load up the game you will notice that there is a picture or an 8-bit Xbox 360 Controller, and a short quote, which is different almost every time, about why the Xbox 360 controller is somehow superior to the mouse and keyboard of the PC. This is obviously a preference of the creator of the game, but I highly disagree to it and honestly I think he could do well to keep his opinions to himself.

There are other characters you can unlock by finding the ‘bandages’ in levels, and they have their own special abilities. They are as interestingly designed, if not more, as Super Meat Boy himself, such as Head Crab and Mr. Minecraft. There are many in-game references to popular gaming culture, such as other games and memes, and these are all very funny and cleverly placed.

The game is very good overall, and I would recommend buying it as it is always fun to have a little game that you can use without a mouse which still serves as a challenge. If there is a sequel, I will buy it for sure, and I also plan to buy another game by the same creator, named the Binding of Isaac.