Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Most would say that the Call of Duty franchise really kicked off in 2006, with their launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, also known as CoD4. Now, five odd years later, we are presented with this game: Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3. Now I am a great fan of the entire Call of Duty franchise and was rather disappointed with the games the followed Modern Warfare, however, this one is a real turnaround.

Modern Warfare 2 had some good ideas but ultimately changed the way that these games work, with its Steam integration and ranked servers. With all its changes, a new kind of Call of Duty began to emerge, very fun and well made, but still missing a little something. Black Ops took all of the good ideas of Modern Warfare 2, and refined them, altering and removing some shakey aspects and ultimately making the first Call of Duty since Modern Warfare that was actually made for gamers and not money.

Then Activision and Infinity Ward had a fallout, right before the production for their next game was about to enter production, so Sledgehammer and Ravensoft took over. Many in the community thought this to be a problem, perhaps even causing the game to be a complete failure, others thought this to be a good fresh start which could avoid the mistakes of Modern Warfare 2.

The final product was a surprise. No one could imagine a game that was perfect in the eyes of most of the new and old Call of Duty fans. The game was 99% percent perfect, which was damn well close enough after the close calls with Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3.

The single player stirred the cockles of my heart. It picked up right where it left off, and once again immersed you in a surreal world with characters you know well and trust, along with new ones. The game is set in a fictional World War 3, where Makarov, your sworn enemy, and leader of the Russian Ultranationalists, begins to invade America, Germany, France and England, also having ties in South America, the Ukraine and Africa. Although rather short, you play through many different war scenarios, many mirroring the suspense and style of the previous games, with wondrous visuals and a great ending.

Spec Ops mode is very different to how it was in Modern Warfare 2. There are missions which, for once, are not too hard to complete, while still challenging, and a survival mode which outranks Nazi Zombies and Combat Training put together. It is an intense amount of fun to play and will keep you occupied for many an hour, with a co-op mode available which is even more fun. Spec Ops is probably my #1 aspect of the game, as you can play it with or without people, and you don’t have to get too serious about it since no one’s watching your score or commenting on your K:D ratio, like in multiplayer.

Speaking of multiplayer, that aspect of Modern Warfare 3 is probably the most fun I’ve had since Black Ops’ dolphin diving. The pure fact that the opportunities and playability are near endless is unbelievably endearing,  and the main fact that there are so many guns and interesting ways to kill brings joy to those who are trigger happy and campers alike. The visuals were a big worry before the release of the game, as it was mainly going up against Battlefield 3, which everyone knew had amazing visuals. However, we were not let down. We had very good-looking, steady and tweakable visuals which allowed for high FPS or a good looking game, as always in the Call of Duty series.

My Final Verdict: Well if you’re a Call of Duty fanatic, then buy this game now, while the majority still plays it. It’s definitely worth having and is insanely fun. It’s also a good choice if you are new to gaming, or even if you aren’t. Basically, it’s a really good game a definitely worth playing.