Bayonetta Review

Do you like guns? Giant Bosses? Heroine(not the drug sort)? How does an ankle-gun-totting-angel-fighting-sexy-witch-hero sound?

Bayonetta is chalk full of these and more, so much more. The graphics are crisp and vibrant, the action is fast-paced and intricate, even the story is enjoyable albeit an odd one. This PS3/Xbox 360 game is unique and is certainly worth a play through.

The game opens with a Bayonetta and a red-clad lady fighting angels on a falling clock tower, that is in space, and you can’t fall off it, then a giant dragon appears all the while you can’t die. The pretty straight forward tutorial really. Then flash forward to present day.

There is a funeral-type procession in a desolate graveyard and a foul-mouthed, short, pudgy fellow complaining throughout whilst the priestess of sorts continues her chant of religious words. Unbeknownst to the man a swarm of angels descends upon the grave and the priestess transforms into a dark leather-endowed librarian as she tears away the white garb, dives into the air and creates a portal into a purgatory world to fight the angels. Now the game really begins.

Bayonetta hooked me as soon as I played the demo at Comic-Con ‘09. The fight system was something I have been craving; fast-paced, eccentric and intense are the most befitting adjectives I could use to describe it. Also, the ability to use torture moves certainly makes it that much more fun to dominate your enemies. The gameplay has often been compared to Devil May Cry and it does draw many of it’s components from that series.

The action of the game is really quite hectic feeling, as you are mostly using various combos that switch between using guns, that are attached to your ankles (which can later become rocket launchers), and other weapons such as a large Katana,a whip and ice skates. All combos are upgradable and grow and change depending on your weapon combination. You will use this to fill up your torture meter to allow you to unleash devastating tortures such a the guillotine and iron maiden.

That alone may seem quite extreme and it is, but what may make it more so is the fact that all torture moves and the later large demon attacks that you unleash on bosses all are formed from Bayonetta’s own hair, which also happened to be her clothing. This may make it seem like there would be plenty of gratuitous nudity, but carefully places bars of her hair and modest camera angles help avoid such issues. But the game itself is intended to be quite sexual in nature and thus warrants the Mature rating despite there not being much blood or gore.

I can’t quite retell the story or even elaborate on what is happening throughout, but you do traverse a variety of areas and lands that are each different in their own way. As you progress you must defeat many large angel type creatures, some are hundreds of times the size of Bayonetta herself. The best way to defend against such atrocities is by purchasing upgrades from her friend Rodin, who is never really explained into the plot, he is just simply there as a man who owns a shop that sells odd witch-type items. These include weapon upgrades, various lollipops that heal you, restore magic or make you invincible for a short period fo time. Not only that but you can also purchase ridiculously over-priced costumes, which I can only assume get sexier the more expensive they are.

Platinum Games really understood how to fit the aesthetic of the game into every aspect, from level design, character design to the music. The music in the game compliments the action quite and is actually enjoyable at points. It adds a certain whimsy and spice to it, though it feels very Japanese at the same time.

Not a whole lot more I can say about this very random and exciting game. If you enjoy insane action and plenty of quirks while not being off-put by the ample amounts of digital seduction then this game would be for you.