Bayonetta Review

Do you like guns? Giant Bosses? Heroine(not the drug sort)? How does an ankle-gun-totting-angel-fighting-sexy-witch-hero sound? Bayonetta is chalk full of these and more, so much more. The graphics are crisp and vibrant, the action is fast-paced and intricate, even the story is enjoyable albeit an odd one. This PS3/Xbox 360 game is unique and is […]

Vanquish Impressions

Vanquish is one of those games that just seems to fall by the wayside in the press and public knowledge, partly due to it’s style and publisher. It is developed by Platinum Games, a company known for releasing underground hits such as Mad World, Bayonetta and even lesser known Infinite Space. Though all of these […]

Alan Wake Review

Alan Wake is a horror-action hybrid, much like Resident Evil 4 or Dead Space. The titular character of Alan Wake is a famous writer who has recently been afflicted with a long-term bout of writer’s block that has put a halt to his once prosperous career. In order to escape the stress of his job, […]